Detail from the chapel of Agia-Kyriaki in Pinakátes.

What is


Faithkeepres is a project that aims to highlight the influence of religion in our spiritual culture, as well as the impact religion has in our social and architectural environment.
More specifically, to discover religion as a language. A language used to connect the spiritual -faith based- world of each individual. 

Part of this project is a collection of photos capturing almost every chapel in the villages Milies, Vyzitsa, Pinakátes and Argyreika, that count more than thirty in total.
But what are chapels? 

Chapels are usually relatively small Christian Orthodox places of prayer and worship, that reflect a big and important part of what the Christian religion is and the behaviour of its faithful people. 

They are characterized by their unique location, their simplicity, smell and dimmed light. They integrate with their environment, in forests, between houses and by the sea -they do not ask for attention. They contrast with the big churches, which -with all the unnecessary decoration, gold chandeliers and expensive carpets, that show off their wealth- contradict the essence of faith in God. 

Together with other works, this project suggests that viewers re-position spirituality in and out the context of religion, in todays world of science, technology and rationalism. 

The works of this project will be exhibited in August 2021, in Miliés, Pelion, Greece.